Columbus Day – Should We Celebrate It or Not?

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Columbus Day is celebrated to honor the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.  However, some people think that he was not the first one to discover America.  After doing your reading, along with your notes from the video we watched, weigh in with your opinion on whether or not this holiday should be celebrated.


19 thoughts on “Columbus Day – Should We Celebrate It or Not?

  1. Should we celebrate Columbus day? First of all, he was the first one to discover San Salvador (Cuba) other than the Vikings. But also, some people could be offended, such as Native Americans because his men killed a lot them. But, some people would like to celebrate because without him, the Americans wouldn’t know of Asia and Asians wouldn’t know of America. Also, the Holiday gets his awareness spread out so more people can learn about him and what he did. At last, some people think he was not the first one to discover America, they think that long ago, Vikings has discovered it first. Overall, I think we should celebrate him because he is important and he led to the Europeans discovering of America.

  2. I think that we should celebrate Christopher Columbus Day. First of all, he brought us here. Even though Native Americans already were in America, Columbus brought the English people over from Europe. Second, this holiday has been celebrated for awhile. If we get rid of it, we’d lose a lot of tradition. Also, if we didn’t have the holiday than Christopher Columbus probably would be less interesting to study. After all, only really important people get holidays for themselves. Another thing that Christopher Columbus did was prove many Europeans wrong. They didn’t think that Christopher could travel to Asia going west. “The world is flat! How on earth do you think you can get to Asia going west?” was their thinking on that. He proved them wrong, though, and now his trip is famous. Lastly, he was the first person to go across the Atlantic Ocean. Columbus paved the path for many explorers today, although he never went to India. Christopher Columbus took a big step and bumped up exploration. He discovered America for Europe even though he didn’t find a way to India. And that’s important.

  3. In my opinion, Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Many facts support this. For instance, the Mayas, Anasazi and Incas were in America first. We know this because the Mayas and Incas left ruins that we can explore today. The Anasazi left petroglyphs on rocks that tell us they were here before Columbus. Even Columbus said in his journal that there were “ Indians” when he landed. He called them “ Indians” because he thought he had landed in the Indies. Christopher Columbus may not have even been the first European in America. Evidence shows that the Vikings may have been the first Europeans in America. I don’t think Columbus discovered America but he did explore America. So I think we should still celebrate Columbus Day.

  4. I think we should change the name to Diaz day instead of Columbus Day. Make a new world day in honor of Christopher Columbus finding the new world. We still are giving credit to the two explorers and as my grandmothers friends said “Why don’t we have Explorers day in honor of all the explores who we don’t know about yet.” And some explores may be important to Columbus so we should still give him his own day. And he did discover the Americas. Even though many people had already stepped foot in the Americas He was the first Spanish Explorer. So as I said before I think we should still give him his own day but also give some other people credit.

  5. I think we should keep celebrating Columbus Day. Columbus day is an important day which celebrates what he did. He discovered America! That certainly is something to celebrate. Columbus day is like a break day for students and some working adults and many savor it, and think about what Columbus did, and maybe research him and learn about his epic journey. Some reasons to keep his day are facts like he sailed across the Atlantic ocean, doing what no one else had ever attempted. That helped the people of America and Europe/Asia get to know more about each other. Overall, I think that Columbus day should be kept, though a Leif Ericksson would be better.

  6. I think that we should NOT celebrate Columbus Day. First. his trip took a very long time. When Christopher Columbus was trying to find Asia, and he kept getting lost while he was on his journey. And while he was also on his journey, he just couldn’t find Asia. Another thing is, is it true or false that Columbus was the first European to discover America? It turns out that Columbus was not the first European to discover America. He was not even the first one to ARRIVE in America. And for another, is the European, Vasco de Gama. Vasco de Gama found a faster route to get to Asia, and he was the first one to DISCOVER Asia. And for another, are the Natives. The Maya, the Anasazi, and the Incas. These natives have been living in America for more than 1,000 years before Columbus came to America. Last but not least, are the Vikings. The Vikings might have sailed around the northern part of America, years before Columbus.
    Now that you think that we should NOT celebrate Columbus Day, tell, and explain why we should not celebrate Columbus Day to other people. I think that life would be a lot better, if we had a Vasco de Gama Day. We have been practically lying all these years about Columbus discovering America.

  7. My opinion is that we should keep on celebrating Columbus Day. First and foremost, he was important because he lead us here, so he deserves to be honored. Secondly, he proved many Europeans wrong. He proved that the world was not flat. Next, he discovered America, which told us that there was another continent besides Eurasia and Africa. Alongside, kids and adults get a break from hard work . So they can enjoy themselves. Last but not least, if someone (in the case, Columbus) hadn’t discovered America we wouldn’t be living here. Overall, I think we should continue to celebrate this holiday.

  8. I think that because of these facts we should not celebrate Columbus Day. To begin with, other groups of people were there before him like the Vikings. Archaeologists found a Viking landing site in Canada. The site could have been 1,000 years old. Also, the Mayans were in America before Columbus. The Mayans started to build pyramids in the year 600 B.C.E., so they must have come to America before that. Furthermore, the Anasazi Tribe lived in America before Columbus too. They lived in a place called cliff palace. To establish a big area they would had to have been there a long time. Another reason is that Christopher Columbus hurt the natives. Columbus brought diseases to the Native Americans. Finally Christopher Columbus was not respectful to the natives. He introduced a culture that was not respectful to the Native American culture. Because of these facts I hope you realize that we should not celebrate Columbus Day.

  9. I think that we should not celebrate Columbus Day because… why should Columbus day because if he thought that he found Asia and he was wrong and the first person to actually know he found it was Amigo Vespucci. Why should Columbus get all the credit Amigo Vespucci should. If he thought it was Asia why didn’t they keep it as Asia? If he found America why isn’t it called Columbus or something else? The mayan, Anasazis and the incas were already there. why didn’t they keep the trsaditions same? That is why I thinmk that they shouldn’t celebrate columbus day.

  10. Columbus is a fantastic day to celebrate. But was he the first one to discover America? Fist off, the Mayans were there a long time ago. To be specific, they were building pyramids in 600 B.C. That is one reason why. Adding on to the Mayans, the Anasazis were there too. We knew about them a little after the Mayans. Actually the Anasazis were living on some of the cliffs in the year 1200. Next, there was also in Incas in before Columbus. Even you know that on the graph we looked at in the paragraph, the Incas and Columbus were so close together, the Incas were their first. In addition to all the Native American things, archeologists have found their ruins and their possessions. The archeologists have found their ruins and possession, and when they find those, they can do some tests on the piece and kind of estimate when it was built or made. Finally, come the Vikings. Earlier in the year, we were learning about the Vikings. They didn’t just find the northern states like Greenland and Iceland, but they also were in America before Columbus. It is a great day to celebrate, but there is no reason to. He obviously didn’t find America.

  11. To begin I think that should not celebrate Columbus day. To start the vikings were the people other than the natives that found the land. The natives also lived there before any one explored it. Columbus also killed the natives instead of being peaceful. He destroyed their land and them. He brought over European diseases like the Plague. It also killed them. Also he forced them to learn Christianity. Instead of them worshiping who they wanted. The last thing he did to them was treat them in mean ways, and did not care for them at all. We should not celebrate this holiday because of all the mean things he did to the natives.

  12. I think that we should not celebrate the holiday because Columbus enslaved and treated natives quite poorly. So some people are offended by the holiday because of the way he treated the natives also because he introduced all sorts of diseases. He took land and made life miserable for the Native Americans. After all, he did not discover America he rediscovered it. The Vikings already had a colony here when Columbus was looking for Asia and accidentally discovered North America.

  13. Columbus Day has been around for a very long time. Why not celebrate? The first reason I think it should stick around is because people have traditions and things that they like to do on Columbus Day. Why ruin them? Next, he might not have been the first one there but he was the first one that is like us. Other Native Americans did not dress like we do, eat like we do, or even live like we do! After that, he explored more and was about the first one to go out looking, actually find it and get there by ship. If it were not for him we would not live here today. Moving on, He found lots of valuable things like gold and spices that can be traded for money and accomplished great things on his journey that he is very well known for. Last, I think that people that do believe like me should celebrate and people that don’t simply shouldn’t. They should just treat it like a normal day. Just because I believe does not mean that you do. So make your own decision! It is a free country right?

  14. I don’t think that there should be a day dedicated to Christopher Columbus. I think that he is an important person who did an important thing but there were many people just like him who don’t have a day dedicated to them. Here are some other reasons why I don’t think that there should be Columbus day. First of all, he didn’t even discover America because people have proved that Native Americans lived in America before anyone else. People also believe that Vikings have landed on America a long time ago too. Second of all, Columbus day is only celebrated in America because the people who came over from Europe brought the thanks of Columbus with them and celebrated it. I also think that it is unfair to the Native Americans because they are the ones who discovered America and they were settled their hundreds of years before the Europeans. Another reason is that people have proof that not only Native Americans were there before but also that Columbus encountered them on his trip. He wasn’t even peaceful with them, by my understandings, he killed a few. I don’t think that he has a real reason to be commemorated on Columbus day. That is just my opinion but now that you have a little info about him, maybe you could say something else or more.

  15. I think we should keep Columbus day. If Columbus didn’t discover America, we wouldn’t live in America. On Columbus Day, people do special things, why ruin them? Another reason is because we have no school, and have more free time to do whatever we want. Columbus discovered valuable things like gold and spices that we use to cook and make things. That is why I think we should continue to celebrate Columbus Day.

  16. To begin with, I think Columbus Day should not be celebrated. An example of this is, I think the Vikings had discovered America before Columbus did. Another example is that the Mayans and other Native Americans lived in America because we know of ruins discovered by people and stories passed on by many people. Columbus also spread sicknesses across America. And since of his discovery many other Europeans went to the New World and used Native Americans as slaves and hurt and killed them. The Europeans destroyed the Native’s land and terrorized them. There were many other Native people living there before Columbus and Europeans so I don’t think Columbus Day should be celebrated. But there were many things that Europeans brought to America so I think there should be a day celebrating the Europeans finding America. But it wasn’t just Columbus who worked hard to get the ship there. There were his crew members and other ships that went along with him. I also think there should be a day because if he hadn’t discovered America we wouldn’t be living here and we would never know there was America. Also, we wouldn’t be able to travel to other places if they weren’t discovered. So, I’m not really sure if there should be a day or not. There are many reasons why not and many reasons why.

  17. I think that even though Columbus didn’t discover America, we should still celebrate Columbus Day because, his voyage is an important marking in history for Europe especially and it is important for people to know about it. To begin with, it’s important that people in the modern world today should learn about him because if we learn about him we will also end up learning about the people of his time and if we learn about the people living in the fourteenth century than we won’t repeat their because if we don’t we might make the same mistakes people did in those days. For example, they assumed things like the world was flat without doing any research or trying to get proof in any way besides that people told them. This is bad because, many of them before Columbus didn’t dare to sail the Atlantic Ocean as far as he did because they believed that they would fall off of the earth. And there are also worse things that we can assume that will lead to worse consequences. Getting back on track, I think that having Columbus Day causes people to Learn about Columbus and the fifteenth century because, if you’re celebrating something, many people want to know what they are celebrating and then the next thing you know, people will find themselves researching facts about Christopher Columbus. Another reason we should celebrate Columbus Day is because, it changed history enough to be worth celebrating. I think that a reason we celebrate it is that without Columbus’s journey things today would be very different. It was only after this voyage that the Europeans started to take over America and create their own settlement in the area. If Columbus hadn’t arrived to this land then for all we know, the Native Americans like the Mayans and Incas could still be the only people living on this continent. It’s either that or another explorer would have landed here and claimed this land whether they’re Europeans or not. To give an illustration, there were three main colonies of Natives at the time. There were Maya, Inca and Anasazi. But these people did not know anything about Europe and Europeans didn’t know anything about the Current Native Americans. Columbus’s voyage gave the Europeans a more accurate vision of the world. Before then, the Europeans thought of the world as just Europe, Africa and Asia. And that is not a very accurate measure of what the world really was. So that was an important thing for Europe. Last but certainly not least and equally as important, there may have been other Europeans that landed in North America as we know today. They were called the Vikings. But the Europeans didn’t really know that. They had not learned about the Vikings and their voyages to places like possibly the United States. To prove that statement, there are old European world maps that do not include America. So overall, the day Columbus arrived in America was a date worth celebrating. It changed the course of history in many ways and modern day America would be very different without that journey. So next time you get an A on a math test you can thank Columbus because the Native American math system was very different than ours, so you probably wouldn’t have gotten that A.

  18. In my opinion, I think we shouldn’t celebrate Columbus Day. First of all, the Maya’s were the first people we know of that lived in North America. This means that Columbus wasn’t the first person to discover America. Also, after the Maya’s were the Anasazi’s. The Anasazi’s came way after the Maya’s, but still before Columbus. There are still many places you can go to see the Maya’s and Anasazi’s artifacts. To go along with that, even if the Inca’s were there when Columbus discovered America, they still were here first. In addition, the Vikings were the first people to actually discover America (other than the people living there already). At last, people today are Native American so they might be offended by celebrating something that isn’t correct. So, if you think we should still celebrate Columbus Day after reading this paragraph, do some research and find out the really happened.

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